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    SOLVED New to FusionPBX - Multi-tenant outbound caller ID

    I used some command to get the list of applications from FreeSWITCH so the duplicate is in their code. We could work on the code to remove the duplicate that comes from FreeSWITCH this I consider a low priority there are more important things to get done.
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    Problem with CallCenter

    If you change setting then yes but it isn't restarting the module it is reloading the settings.
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    Backup script

    Both the documentation and the install script are on github. Documentation is found here Formatted to look nice and searchable. Also can find a page and click on edit on github. - Install script on github...
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    Destination missing

    If you default your permissions then logout and back in you will see your destinations show in the list. We mentioned this in the continuing education just after the permissions were added. Updating the permissions is part of the upgrade process.
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    Backup script

    The backup and maintenance scripts get copied to /etc/cron.daily
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    Membership access to Multi-Master cluster documentation

    Your description seems vague on what you want but I'm going to guess you want round robin across multiple servers for one domain and you are hoping that this will be a piece of cake. It is possible to do it but you will have numerous problems. So many issues that I would not recommend it. I...
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    ran update on 4.5.12 via web gui, no more web

    The fix for this was added as a news item on 7th March 2020.
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    voicemail not playing the menu

    Default settings does not currently change the language for FreeSWITCH that is done in dialplan variables.
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    Upgrade to master - missing Caller ID fields on extensions [RESOLVED]

    The person that started this thread found the answer. If something disappears in FusionPBX the reason is usually a new permission was added. To fix it you go to Group Manager and restore the new default permissions or you go find the missing permissions and manually assign it to the group. The...
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    Extension Display Issue

    The original question on this thread is likely solved by running Upgrade -> Schema. If the SQL query refers to a field that is not there then you get an error and no data is returned. Groups are by default global. In the past we had per domain groups as the default and this was horrible to...
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    Announcement change in fusion pbx

    If you aren't sending a busy because call waiting is on it is doing the right thing by continuing to ring. Turn off call waiting on your phone so that it actually returns a busy.
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    FusionPBX on CentOS 8

    FusionPBX is at least 5 year younger than FreePBX. We are catching up and have passed them in some regards like multi-tenant. FusionPBX can meet many peoples needs but I'm not going to say it does everything that everyone would want. Doing everything thing that everyone needs is a very large...
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    WHCMS module

    Please share what features you need. Add new domain to WHMCS Add users to WHMCS
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    Membership access to Multi-Master cluster documentation

    Reason for teaching the older BDR is because 2nd Quadrant is included in 2nd Quadrants support plan which costs a lot more than FusionPBX support. Some people will use the new BDR but many its priced too high. However the BDR 1.x version is end of life but still works good on Debian 9 and 10...
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    FusionPBX on CentOS 8

    FusionPBX is based on FreeSWITCH maybe you didn't realize that. Its not abstracted from FreeSWITCH so their books and documentation also are related to FusionPBX. Comment on about the documentation maybe you didn't realize FreeSWITCH's documentation can be used with FusionPBX. Documentation...