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    Fusion update broke GXP2130 provision BLF

    Version 2 templates (non p-code) values don't apply to every phone. As stated by NVGcom you can get templates from an older version of FusionPBX and use those. NVVGcom also mentioned GDMS which is official Grandstream provisioning by Grandstream. Otherwise you can spend time and fix p-code...
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    freeswitch-mod-curl not installing

    You most likely need to migrate off of the end of life operating system to a new server. It is not a good idea to stick to an end of life operating system. Not only is Debian 8 end of life so is Debian 9. Suggest using Debian 12 at this point.
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    Fusion update broke GXP2130 provision BLF

    The version of your FusionPBX would matter. For those on Master branch 5.1.3 its now using non p-code templates. The keys assignments are working. They do seem to be broken on the 5.1 release. The non p-code templates seem to require newer firmware for the phone in order to work. I had to use...
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    How to put extensions in some logical groups so that only extensions from same group can call each other

    If the extension only has to be in one group then you can use the user context on the extension and the dialplan context on the dialplan. FusionPBX does have support for multiple contexts per tenant and it can work fine. You can set a context of which is different than...
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    Inbound calls being marked as outbound in Call Detail Records

    The problem is the last action is the call going out an outbound route and that updates the call_direction to outbound. The call was both inbound and outbound. So I haven't thought of a good way to handle this as the call was really both.
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    Call Detail Records page is blank after update

    The reasons for saving CDR to the file system is the following reasons. - Saving the CDR to files and skipping HTTP POST reduces work for the web server. - When saving over HTTP POST the records need to be escaped perfectly for an HTTP POST for CDR records to succeed. - FreeSWITCH doesn't...
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    acl not working after upgrade from 4.4 to 5.1.2

    For the Upgrade Latest version of FusionPBX uses an ACL called providers. The original ACL was called domains. Upgrade standardizes on providers instead of domains. So there is an App Defaults that changes domains to providers. Then flushes the cache and rescans the SIP profile. Although the...
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    SOLVED Horror issue with intra-extension calls in FusionPBX multi tenant

    In Advanced -> Access Controls you will see one of two providers or domains. Make sure you don't put the IP address range that your phones are behind in either of those two access controls. This is a common mistake and the reason I changed the name of the domains access control list to...
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    Denying .git sub directory access

    I tried all of these on my server running FusionPBX with nginx Result on every file was 403 Forbidden
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    Denying .git sub directory access

    This was added some time ago. I've provided a link to the file and looked at the history to find the dates when they were added. Ubuntu Install - nginx config file fusionpbx (Committed on Jun 3, 2019) -...
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    Installation on Debian 12

    This change should fix spandsp for the compile -
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    Installation on Debian 12

    It looks like mod_spandsp failing to compile is stopping a few other modules from being compiled. This compiles the missing modules other than broken spandsp. After this go to Advanced -> Modules edit and save one so that it rewrites the modules.conf file. Then restart FreeSWITCH or the server
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    Generate a call using Python

    I don't use python but all you need to do is run a command line called originate.
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    Installation on Debian 12

    IonCube did add support for PHP 8.2 but its not officially support or recommended until FusionPBX project is also ready for it. We will need to test PHP 8.2 with FusionPBX. Also need to get it working with the FusionPBX member features. So for the moment PHP 8.2 still not recommended until that...
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    SOLVED xml_cdr not working after update

    CDR Import with the HTTP POST (not recommended) This issue should be fixed. Key issue was the if statement on line 1047 removed '&& $this->username' Fixed the issue with this commit. - Save CDR to the File...