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    nibble mod

    Am I wrong to assume MariaDB does this well using Galera?
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    Cisco phones for FusionPBX compared to Yealink / Others - your feedback is appreciated...

    What advantage do you get to registering to dual servers vs using SRV records? Are you using server 1 and server 2, or are they registering to the first two servers in the srv records? Last time we worked with Cisco phones was the 7960's. After having to fumble around with the provisioning...
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    Experimenting with a full load-sharing cluster

    Did you ever get this to work? My odbc is having issues with the "@" in the username.
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    Click to call application. Testers wanted

    I would be interested in testing it! That is about all I do all day is make calls. lol
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    Memcached Vulnerability

    That is true, yes. Not all of us are using Debian. The default install on Centos 7, it did not. You can correct this by editing the "/etc/sysconfig/memcached" file and add OPTIONS="-l" to the bottom of the file. Restart Memcached and it is fixed.
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    Memcached Vulnerability

    This week one of our development servers was part of a DDOS attack. It caught me off guard as we just installed it on a VPS the day before. Our traffic graphs showed us our VPS was sending out ~ 300MB/s according to Proxmox. Of course, we rate limited the port and did some digging. Came to find...
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    Cloud storage for recordings

    I would like to share the way I have implemented this across several servers. We already use seafile for file sync and sharing. It utilises s3 in the backend but also supports file versioning. (More on why this excites me in a bit.) They offer a client called seadrive. Basically, it is fuse. I...