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    Call voice recording not working with SelectToCall .

    I upgraded my box to Fusionpbx to ver 5.0.4, I found a bug that when using SelectToCall extension, does not create the voice recording file. Under Call details shows the file name, location but the actual file is not created. With the previous Fusionpbx version worked just fine. URL...
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    Call Recordings

    Hey all, For some odd reason, the start (30 seconds or so) of most call recordings is a bunch of robotic, extremely slow, junk that you can't understand. You can't make out anything said. All of a sudden, the call comes into "focus" and there's nothing wrong. Has anyone experienced this or have...
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    Call Recording Access

    I need to find a way to allow a Compliance person to access the CDR, and to listen to recorded calls on all extensions except for company owners and executives. I know access can be modified through Group Permissions and then I can just assign the specific extensions the person needs access to...