1. M

    SOLVED Freeswitch process not running on FusionPBX fresh install

    Hi, I have tried to install FusionPBX latest version on Debian 11 64 bit.It installs and web interface works fine. But for some reason, freeswitch process is not starting at all and the command "fs_cli" says "command not found". Is this some new bug in install script?
  2. P

    Error initialize Freeswitch on freebsd13.2

    Hello, I was able to install fusionpbx on freebsd13.2 but now Freeswitch does not start, do you guys now what can be causing this? Starting freeswitch. 1075 Backgrounding. ERROR: Failed to set SCHED_OTHER scheduler (Operation not permitted) user@server:/usr/local/www/fusionpbx # service...
  3. H

    Error Creating SIP UA for profile: external-ipv6

    I have installed FusionPBX on Debian 11. I have facing the issue about making calls. I have restart the sofia status internal and external but external-ipv6 is not running that's why i think I'm facing this issue. Please guide me
  4. D

    Transfer between accounts on IVR

  5. hfoster

    CVE-2022-47516 - Remote attackers can cause a denial of service with a crafted UDP message - Sofia SIP

    Heads up. Sofia SIP can possibly bring down your PBXs with an easily craftable OPTIONS message.
  6. R

    Cannot start Freeswitch - Help!

    Hello all I hope someone can help quickly. Here is story: My FS/Fusionpbx server ran out of disk space. The postgres server stopped responding. I quickly removed a bunch or files to make space. I restarted postgres. I also restarted Freeswitch using service freeswitch restart - and got an...
  7. hfoster

    SOLVED Multiple registered endpoints, one breaks the forked invites by sending 488 Not Acceptable Here.

    Wonder if anyone knows the secret FreeSWITCH magic to get FusionPBX to ignore a 488 Not Acceptable Here error message from a single registered device (in this case a PUSH server) from breaking the entire call? I've included a diagram of what's happening to the call. Normally, the Push Service...
  8. M

    invalid target uri in NOTIFY - missing "sip:" prefix

    FusionPBX Version: 4.5.27 Switch Version: 1.10.7 (64bit) OS: Debian 10 Hi all, I'm facing a really strange problem with invalid NOTIFY messages. More precisely, it's about the target URI in the xml body. It sometimes happens that freeswitch does not send a "sip:" prefix there, which...
  9. D

    Outbound route 483 too many hops

    I can't seem to find any documentation to raise the max-forwards from 6. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. R

    SOLVED Getting "Connection to Event Socket Failed"

    Hello All I am hoping someone can help me quickly. I am getting the above error whenever I go to Reg, Calls, Sip Status etc. I had changed the event password (in Settings) from the default and it all went wrong. ( i have since changed it back to the default) I have restarted freeswitch many...
  11. D


    Hello I have a issue with my inbound calls becausa are denied by my server. I response with SIP 403 Forbidden. This my internal configuration profile (internal and external has the same configuration with autonat:public_ip). The issue is only with the inbound calls, outbound call work...
  12. K

    Calls Get Stuck in Call Center Queue Randomly

    PBX version 4.5.32 FreeSwitch Version 1.10.6 (64bit) We use the Call Center feature with about 20 agents and 5 inbound numbers. We get around 20-30 calls an hour on average. Randomly calls get "stuck" in the queue - the call ends, but the call still shows as active in the Active Call Center...
  13. S

    Routing message through gateway

    Hi, I am new to FreeSWITCH and I am trying to send a message from Freeswitch-A to Freeswitch-B. I have created a gateway connection. Registered one softphone 101 with Freeswitch-A and 6010 with Freeswitch-B. But when I send a message to 6010, it says can't find registered user...
  14. T

    ESL and Timeout

    Hi! I am using the C# NEventSocket library to dial some some numbers. I have some Tasks that create an InBoundSocket, connect to them and send the originate command. It works most of the times, but sometimes it throws a timeout error: NEventSocket.InboundSocketConnectionFailedException: Timeout...
  15. F

    Bria SIP error 408

    Hi everyone, Hope you're doing well. Suddenly, on Bria app I get SIP error 408 and no inbound calls are not not working. When I checked the logs, it has only one line which says: mod_logfile.c:192 New log started. So I guess there's something which is blocking every requests. I checked the...
  16. V

    Outbound call from internal extension is rejected

    Hello, Im new in this forum, and i thank you in advance for your help. I create and configure a fusionpbx just with a public IP (without domains) and create extention "20". When i run test call to another extention "21", i have a rejected call. Can you help please ? 2021-08-17 16:09:58.153982...
  17. F

    Test-your-call service

    Hi all. I want to share Test-your-call. This is a web page that contains some DID numbers for testing and debugging audio on VoIP calls. Link:
  18. S

    Change cipher TLS

    Hello, This week I'm trying to configure FusionPBX with Homer and Captagent, but Captagent keeps giving errors because the DH cipher, which is not supported (ofcourse, is used for TLS encryption. So I looked up what cipher(s) are supported, and those are these two...
  19. E

    Freeswitch issues with flutter dart sip ua

    Hey there everyone. This is probably the wrong place, but I wondered whether anyone could still help. I'm not using FusionPBX, but a merely default configured FS, with Flutter Dart SIP UA. I'm having issues with setting this up correctly apparently, because I can't receive any calls on the...
  20. I

    Dahdi AX400p

    Anyone here have tried adding dahdi hardware analog ax400p on their fusionpbx box? any suggestion and idea please care to share Thank you