1. A

    IVR recordings not showing after upload

    Hi everyone, I am having trouble uploading IVR recording(mp3 or wav) to fusionpbx in a new domain. After uploading the recording nothing shows. Any idea? Thanks.
  2. I

    Not recording all outbound calls

    Hi, we have a problem - our setup: FusionPBX + x2 dinstar GSM 16 ports - work great for almost 3 years. But we found out that aproximatly 5-15% of outbound calls are not recorded. In logs - there is no sign of error/warning everything looks same with recorded calls. Even in fusionpbx it shows...
  3. A

    Turn OFF recording

    I am looking for on how to stop recording on active call using some keys like #444 (Only stop during active call, not stop and start). On the system it is enabled on all calls. P.S. Read about bind_digit_action but everything is blurry. Any advise appreciated.
  4. sergenkabakci

    External call recording

    Hello, I just started using Fusionpbx. . I'm forwarding the calls to the External number via loopback with the call center module. Call center agent 300 has a Call forward (External Number) The question is: How can I enable voice recording on external numbers? (loopback/100/ with...
  5. T

    CDR does not link to Recording Files of outbound calls that were transfered to another extension.

    When making an outbound call and the call is transferred to another extension, according to the CDR there is no recording for these calls. Therfore the user cannot download or listen to the recordings from the Call detail Records App. The recordings, however, are corectly created in...