time conditions

  1. Andrew Byrd

    UNIQUE Time Condition Request for Church

    The church wants an IVR that when 3 is pressed, it rings the deacon of the week There are 7 deacons So week 1 I need option 3 in the IVR to ring Deacon # 1 Week 2 I need option 3 in the IVR to ring Deacon # 2 and so on for 7 deacons The week begins on Mondays Any ideas how to set this up in...
  2. Andrew Byrd

    Time condition issue - Not working as expected

    I have verified that my server time is correct. EST. As you can see from the attached image the calls are supposed to go to IVR-NICODA Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm This works fine. But, when 5pm rolls around, calls are suppose to go to 401VM-After hours. They do not - they continue to go...
  3. B

    "Outbound" route Time condition

    Good Morning, Doing a Camp Setup, customer would like to block outgoing calls after 11 Pm and maybe play a message saying "No outbound calls permitted between 11pm and 5 am" Is it possible?
  4. Nerdy Pbx

    Inbound errors when using Time Condition

    Good day all. I do hope this email finds you all well? I have a serious problem on a live multi-tenant, and would truly appreciate any assistance: My issues are: I set inbound to Time condition = "not found" i set inbound to Ring Group = "address in incomplete" i set inbound to any extension...
  5. P

    Problem mit Display Times in Time Condition

    Hey Guys. We are trying to setup a fusionpbx for our german costumers. Its amazing. But we have a litle problem. The TimeCondition. The time only displays in AM and PM Times, but in Germany we have a 24-h Time. I Found the PHP Code where the options for "Day of time" are generated and...
  6. M

    Broken holiday presets in Time Conditions (master/4.5.10)

    I just did a fresh installation (master branch on Debian 10). In the Time Conditions app, when creating an condition initially, the page display the correct holiday presets. But once it's saved, going back into the condition displays some skewed items. See attached screenshot. Note that...