Announce Sound and Exit Key Issue

Hi All,

Looking for some assistance with an issue I have with a call center queue.

I currently have a 20 second announcement set to play every 40 seconds while a caller is on hold which is working fine.

I also have an exit key setup to send the caller to a voicemail should they not wish to remain on hold.

The issue I have is, if the announcement is only 5 seconds through playing and the caller presses the exit key, the announcement keeps playing, then when it finishes, the caller hears the voicemail greeting but it is 15 seconds through the voicemail greeting so they are just hearing the tail end of it. Hope that makes sense.

System Information Version4.5.2Git InformationBranch: master
Commit: 5dfe0d7a3afc11d932ab14086e594ee6cb82b90d
Status: Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'. +131 days ago
Project Path/var/www/fusionpbxSwitch Version1.6.20 (64bit)