AWS Chime

I have been attempting to connect to the AWS Chime "voice connector" to use strictly for outbound calling.

After quite a bit of frustration I have received a clue from AWS, but I am not smart enough to decipher the clue.

AWS: "We just got an update from the Service Team, they said that at right now you are so close, you just need to update the called and calling number to use E.164 format (i.e., add a '+' before the 1)"

[ERROR] - [][]: [INVITE] --> [;x-vine-id=5d4c5037-4636-485e-9946-7e0dxxxxc8f;call-id=PzsvKDdRLdthDzr4A3sgTxxxxScm4NewdTfxuQS8VrwK;sourceNumber=DCjaDwqxxxxZM] failed E.164 format verification

Any help will be appreciated.
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