Call Recording Issue

Hi Guys,

Quick question, i have a wierd issue, if i enable all call record on extensions they work ok and they record but when you dial internally you get no ringback tone, the other extension does ring, and if they answer you can talk but there is no ringback which is a bit of an issue, i tried adding action set data="ringback=${uk-ring}" to the all record dialplan but it makes no direrence, however what is odd is that if i then deactivate call recording on all of them, and reapply it theyt do start giving ringback unless the freeswitch is restarted then it stops again...

Hi Kurt, I didn't respond immediately when you posted, I was hoping someone else's help would be more useful than mine.

I was unable to replicate your issue on my test box, but I remember that we had this sort of wierdness last year. I have been trying to remember the details but I'm pretty sure, in our case, it was to do with the way we were handling (or not handling) early media, I wish I could remember more.