Cannot add Call Center as destination in time condition

Using the new branch as of 2/12/2020, when trying to add a call center as a destination in a time condition, or as a destination in a call flow, it disappears. In the picture below, as soon a I press save, it disappears and the destination is blank. This was working fine a couple of weeks ago. Has anybody seen this before? I attempted to restart postgresql, freeswitch, rebooted, deleted and rebuilt everything, started with a new build... nothing. Has anybody seen this before? Thank you.
Thank you for your reply!! Much appreciated. I looked at the settings and they were set to allow. I just did a fresh install with both Debian 9 and Debian 10 and now I can't reproduce the issue. I will play around with this and see if I can duplicate it again.

Again, thank you for your reply!!