Cannot Get Provisioning to work.

I cant seem to get a yealink phone to auto provision for the life of me. I can manually enter info into the phone account and get it to register. I created the device under the URL for the domain and have enabled Provisioning in default settings as well as user and pass. But the phone will not provision. Also when I try to download the file from device page i get a 404 error. If i press provision from device the phone shows its updating but nothing ever changes on the phone. Im lost.


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On the default settings page, top right.
If you are getting a 404 on the device page when attempting to download files, it sounds like provisioning is still disabled or the MAC is entered wrong.
First thing I would do is go to the url for this phone for example"THE PHONES MAC ADDRESS"

and see if the server brings up the proper config info. yealink's are probably from the easiest provisioning.

I've also had once after having such an issue, I did a factory reset updated the phones firmware.

Good luck