CGRT Billing - VoIP Switch and Billing Solution

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Dec 14, 2016
CGRT Billing is a complete Scalable Switch and Billing Solution is currently being used in production and powering many VoIP business such as Wholesale Termination, Wholesale DID / Business SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX and Residential VoIP around the world!

CGRT Billing was developed to fill a much needed gap in the marketplace for an easy to use yet reliable, scalable Carrier Grade RealTime VoIP Switch and Billing Platform.


Main Features
  • IP Authentication
  • SIP Digest Authentication (username and password)
  • Authentication by CID
  • Unlimited SIP Accounts for Customers
  • Multiple registrations
  • User Friendly Web Management
  • View Registrations
  • View Active Calls
  • Access Control Lists
  • Multi-Tenant (Reseller Model or Hosted Partitioned Switch Model)
  • White Labelled Customer Portal
Routing Features
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Routing by Priority
  • Automatic Failover Routing
  • Provider Number Translations
  • CallerID Number Translations
  • ByPass Media Supported
Other Advanced Features
  • FusionPBX Integration
  • A2Billing Migration Tool
  • Inteliquent DID Integration
Billing Features
  • Real-time incremental billing occurs during the live call
  • Multiple billing increments such as 1/1, 6/6, 30/6, 30/30, 60/1, 60/60 and other combinations.
  • Prepaid, Postpaid with Credit Limit or Unlimited Credit
  • Billing for Inbound Calls to DIDs
  • Credit Control – Prepaid and Postpaid
  • Custom Rates
  • Package subscriptions with inclusive minutes
  • Balance Alerts
Anti-Fraud and Security Features
  • Maximum per minute rate set per customer
  • Max connection fee set per customer
  • Maximum daily spend per customer
  • Maximum daily spend Alerts
  • Account blocked if credit is depleted
Invoicing and Payment Features
  • Create custom Monthly Recurring and Non-Recurring chargeable items
  • Define multiple taxes
  • Use your own logo on Invoices
  • Invoices automatically generated and emailed to clients
  • CDR Reports can be embedded in the Invoice or attached as CSV
  • Stripe and Paypal Payment Gateway integration
  • Accept Payment by Voucher
DID Management
  • Status can be Allocate, Suspend, Terminate, Available
  • Add a range of DIDs using Regex
  • DID Searching via Regex
  • Primary Routing to SIP Device, Server, URI, PSTN, BUSY or CONGESTION
  • Backup Failover to SIP Device, Server, URI, PSTN, BUSY or CONGESTION
  • Tertiary Failover to SIP Device, Server, URI, PSTN, BUSY or CONGESTION
  • Set Channel limit per DID
  • Limit call length
  • Associate an Address to a DID
  • Import and Export DIDs via CSV
  • Dynamic CDR filtering by Tenant, Customer, Provider, Destination Number etc
  • CDR Summary by Tenant, Customer, Provider, Destination
  • CDR Export to CSV
  • Enhanced Summary Reporting
  • Capture of data for Site, Department and Extension from PBXes
  • DID Call Summary grouped by Tenant, Customer and / or DID
  • Traffic Summary Report
  • Top Destinations
  • Most Expensive Calls
  • and more
CGRT Billing API
  • Create Tenants
  • Create Clients
  • Create SIP Accounts
  • Top-up Accounts
  • Check Client Balance
  • Add and Update DIDs
  • Assign, Cancel and Suspend DIDs
  • Assign package bundles
  • Assign Tariff Plan
  • Get CDR Records and Summaries
  • Make payments
  • and many more features
More details on our API can be found here: CGRT Billing API

You can also visit cgrtbilling for more information.
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Sep 29, 2016
Its all one to one stuff, lots of errols installs can be highly customised, he does cross continent stuff sometimes.


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Dec 14, 2016
How do you sell your software when there is no page on your site for making a purchase?
It is impossible to know in advance a potential customers requirements.
For example some people might want Kamailio, Database Replication, Multiple POPs in different Countries etc etc.

So the idea is that any potential customer would make contact with us, we get an understanding of their requirements and we provide a formal quotation.


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Feb 27, 2018
@phonesimon We recently went with CGRT and I can say it is AWESOME!!! @ewsamuels is a great guy to work with very knowledgeable about his product and FusionPBX. We have had many requests to add different things to accommodate our workflow and he usually has it done in a matter of days. The LCR alone is worth the money. Give him a call and get a demo. I still haven't tapped into all the feature of the system. He is always making improvements. He takes his customer suggestion seriously and tries to implement them into his system. Which makes it a better system for everyone.


Jul 18, 2017
Can anyone compare this to ASTPP. I am using that now. It does what I need but now I want to integrate with Fusionpbx. Not really an option with ASTPP. I thought about creating a frankenstein by mashing together ASTPP and Fusion but that looks like a lot of work.

Can I customize it or is it all obfuscated? It has an API which is good but sometimes API's don't do everything needed. What language is it written in? What DB does it use? Is it designed to run on the same server as Fusion or separate?
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Oct 23, 2018
Daz, are you still using this as your billing platform? Just curious.

Maybe I'm just getting dumber in my old age, but I've looked at several billing platforms that are out there besides CGRT and there is one thing that I just don't understand. Software like A2Billing, ASTPP, Magnus Billing, etc. all include Class 4/Class 5 softswitch functionality. How does that play alongside FusionPBX if you're using FusionPBX as your switch? In my way of thinking, if you plan to use FusionPBX as your switch, wouldn't you want purely a stand-alone telecom billing platform where you import CDR's, rate them and spit out invoicing?
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