change voicemail greeting for different dialplans

I would like to know if it's possible to have different greetings for different dial-plans, for instance if the caller dials direct extension 401 it should have one greeting and if the ivr says to leave us a voicemail press 0 it should get to the same 401 mailbox with a different greeting

Thank You
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I know this is very late, but this question intrigued me. It turns out that, yes, you can do this. Assuming you already have multiple greetings set up and that you are using an IVR Menu for routing the call at this stage:
If the caller dials the extension directly, it will use the default greeting.
For the option (you mentioned "0") you want to trigger a different greeting, use this as your first destination:
menu-exec-app:export voicemail_greeting_number=2 (To paste this in, you have to click the triangle.)
Then, add a second destination for the same option "0" as the voicemail extension you want to send it to. Make sure it has a higher Order number. For example: