Cisco SPA Template Mods & Notes

Bonus: Add park button while connected in a call:

Enable programmable soft keys:

<Programmable_Softkey_Enable group="Phone/Programmable_Softkeys">Yes</Programmable_Softkey_Enable>

Configure the keys that will be shown while connected on a call. PSK1 is our custom key:

<Connected_Key_List group="Phone/Programmable_Softkeys">

Configure PSK1 as a speed dial to the parking lot:

<PSK_1 group="Phone/Programmable_Softkeys">fnc=sd;ext=park+*5901@$PROXY;vid=1;nme=Park1</PSK_1>

Now when you're in a call you'll see a button named Park1, you can press it and your caller will be one touch transferred into the next available parking slot, which hopefully you'll have set up as a BLF so you can see where they went :)