CP-3905 not registering

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to get CP-3905 working the Freeswitch, but no success...I've just tried everything.

The problem is: when the phone tries to authenticate on FS, it sends only the extension name (avoiding the domain name)...this issue brakes the multi-tenancy "magic" on FS.

Any clues?



Staff member
Ah, just realised, Cisco, its possible you may just be out of luck.

These devices where never meant to work without call manager and some recent firmwares actually made them worse. There is maybe a field in another file, I cannot remember.

I myself have a nice 7965 or something similar, fancy touch screen and everything that I eventually came to the conclusion was never going to wor correctly.


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This kind of a dumb work around, but depending on how many IP's you have to spare and how many domains you want to set up maybe just make the domain name an IP address. For example assign a bunch of IP aliases to the box, have sofia listen on them and then name your domains accordingly. Not sure that would even work and its pretty ugly but if you really want to use those phones it might be a way to do it.