DID Authentication

Good day everyone!

Please note that this is my first post, so please bare with me.

I have a FusionPBX with version 4.4.4 and switch version 1.8.5 (64bit).

My FusionPBX authenticates to an A2billing instance and all is working well for quite some time now. My A2billing does Username auth as well as DID auth. So even if the client is registered with a normal U/P trunk, if the "outbound callerID" is not present, they will not be able to make outbound calls.

Some of my clients have let's say 3 DID's and 3 extensions. So each extension has it's own DID. Now, Inbound works great and inbound calls ring at the desired extensions. Outbound however does not work. I have setup each extension with their DID in "Outbound Caller ID Number". I have also setup the outbound trunk as "Caller ID In From = True". It worked for a while but then stopped. It's the third time it stopped working now. Now I can't get it to work at all.

Is this setup correct? Or am I trying to catch water with my hands?

Your assistance would be appreciated!




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You need to provide logs, it could be an a2billing problem, use sngrep to see if the callerid is being put in the from. I have used a2billing for years and just create each client a trunk.