Display local and external extension's IP


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Feb 24, 2020
I set up Kamailio to act as a proxy server with load balancing for FusionPBX instances. It works fine, but I have an issue. Now in the Status -> Registrations, I see the external IP of the extension, Kamailio local IP, FusionPBX hostname (see the screenshot).
Without Kamailio, I can see there: extension's local IP-address and extension's external IP-address - that's what I need, to know extension's local IP-address and extension's external IP-address.
I checked the database and see there the information from the web-page (see screenshot).
So, my questions:
1) Has someone solved this issue?
2) How does FusionPBX fill the database (I guess via FreeSWITCH API, just ask it "sofia status profile internal reg" and collect the information from the output)?
3) Is it possible to transfer to the FreeSWITCH variable with extension's internal IP in SIP-header and then write it to the database or to the FreeSWITCH?

Thanks in advance!
P.S. Later there were internal IP-address in the "LAN IP" field, but I changed it at Kamailio via different fix_nated_contact();, fix_nated_register();.


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