Diverts not being followed

Hey everyone,

For example, I have 3 phones, reception (300), admin (301) and accounts (305)

305 is set to forward to 300 if not answered.

If I pickup 301, call 305 after the extension timeout I'm redirected to 300.

However, if someone calls from external (which is answered on 300), when that call is transferred to 305,after the timeout it goes to voicemail.

I've tried transferring the call to 301 first, then transferring to 305 just to eliminate the possibility it wasn't transferring to the originator.

Is there a setting I can change to allow external calls to follow extension forwards?


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Forwarding should work for external callers. There has been a lot of work going on on forwarding, are you on the latest master? If you want that, you should probably be there.
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