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Oct 30, 2018
I use the FusionPBX at home and I am thrilled with the many possibilities that can be used after some practice and research. I am happy to present some configurations here, each of which assumes that no family member has their own device but can use each device in each room as its own device. In addition, it should also be possible to consistently operate cordless devices without line buttons. I live in Germany, if some general conditions or wishes seem strange to you ;-) If you are interested, I would be happy to post further snippets in this context.

The Problem:
In a larger house, you don't always know which room a family member is in to call internally or transfer a call.

Here is my solution:

First I define a number translation for the family members. Each family member is given a number.
1: Willie
2: Kate
3: Lynn
4: Brian

Then I need an entry in the dial plan that looks like this for me:

condition destination_number ^9([1-4])(?!\1)([1-4])$
action set mpn_src=${translate('$1' Family)}
action set mpn_dst=${translate('$2' Family)}
action set mpn_ext=${effective_caller_id_name}
action set effective_caller_id_name=${mpn_src} (${mpn_ext}) > ${mpn_dst}
action set effective_caller_id_number=9$2$1
action ring_ready
action set ring_group_uuid=f33aa56c-02ad-46bc-b024-d700242902f5
action lua app.lua ring_groups

Willie wants to call Kate. He dials 912, 9 to search for people, 1 as his own number, 2 as Kate's number. All phones ring and the display reads "Willie (Kitchen) > Kate" with Source Number 921 to call back "Kate > Willie".

Have fun with it
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