Freeswitch Failing on no Primary Key

Good Afternoon All,

I am in the process of testing a replicated setup, with an end goal of a realtime backup server for failover and for users to log into the web interface of either server to see active calls and registrations on their domain.

My test setup is 2 servers both running:
Debian 10
Freeswitch 10.0.1
FusionPBX 4.5.13
PostgreSQL 9.4

Replicating via BDR FusionPBX works perfectly

Freeswitch can be added to the BDR but starts to fail once a variable of dsn is set with a value of below, in the fusionpbx gui.
"pgsql://hostaddr= port=5432 dbname=freeswitch user=fusionpbx password=<password> options=''"

ERROR: Cannot run UPDATE or DELETE on table tasks because it does not have a PRIMARY KEY.
HINT: Add a PRIMARY KEY to the table

From the FusionPBX install scripts it appears to be creating a _uuid column in all freeswitch tables and setting a primary key.

I have Freeswitch setup to use pgsql as it's core database.

Any suggestions and/or a possible different method to be able to see calls/registrations from server1 while logged into server2's GUI?

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