Fusion SBC 3cx style


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Jun 7, 2018
This is kind of a feature request, but not really, anyway..

3CX has what they call an SBC, in which a 3cx proxy is installed at a remote site (on pi or a pc) and it creates a tunnel and proxy's SIP and RTP back to the mothership over one port. That in itself is fairly useful and I could probably cobble together something similar using Kamailio and Open Vpn, but the 3CX proxy also does some sort of witchcraft where when you plug an unconfigured phone into the network, it shows up on a web panel at the mother ship (through the SBC tunnel) and allows you to assign a config to it. When you do, it just pushes it out and presto the phone is configured. I think they do it via some multicast thing (technical term). That is amazingly useful, especially with a large deployment as you just ship out phones and tell them to plug them in.

I'd love to cobble something similar together for Fusion PBX but I'm not sure how they do that part of it. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.