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Hello everyone

I am having FusionPBX Master Version 4.5.3 and Switch1.6.19 (64bit) installed currently some upgrade some features like delay in ring group, Caller ID override for follow me doesn't work perfectly and many more issues are there.

I have around 180 domains with Extension around 1100 and Devices 647. Now i want to downgrade the same to latest stable version of fusionpbx i.e 4.4.3.

Is it possible to do this? If yes what is the best way to implement it.

Vishal Pai


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Many of the problems you are experiencing can be avoided if you learn more about the software and how to upgrade it properly. Or you pay someone like me that does the upgrade all the time. If the person helping you do an upgrade is not in Continuing Education for several months they are not ready to help you with the upgrades and do a really good job at i. Every month in Continuing Education we are covering what is going on in the development and training for things that you need to know and tips on what is needed for the upgrade to the latest. Anyone making money hosting with FusionPBX would benefit. In return the project has a little more money to operate and improve the product and this returns back to you with better software to do the hosting.

P.S. The Caller ID override is actually a bug in both branches at the moment... I hope to get that fixed soon.
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Vishal, as you appear to run a production system, do you make regular backups or take snapshots of your system(s)?
I will always make a full backup before any kind of upgrade, that way, if things don't work out, I can restore the backup instead of trying to downgrade.

I have to agree with Mark about learning and support, especially if you have many customers relying on you. I have not taken the official training but as I do have a system in production, I make donations from time to time as a way of both giving something back and providing resource for continued development.

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