FusionPBX: Position in Queue

Not right now from what I have seen. I know a new call center is in the works and that has been brought up. Right now you can save their spot if they abandon the call center and call back in, they can retain the place in the queue, this is not announced to the caller though.
Ah I see OK great, yeah that all makes sense - it's sometimes worth factoring in this definition when you just need a group of phones to Ring, and calls to sit and wait to be answered - FIFO is better for basic queues as there are no 'agents' as such to 'manage'.
I want to keep by PBX's as standard as possible so that it doesn't hinder consistency with upgrades. Would there be any chance of something like this landing on their roadmap do you think?
What's the status of this? I really need the position announce function, as well as estimated wait time (as in Asterisk).
I think I can do some testing if it's possible to have it merged into the code base if it's working.
Br - Tomas
Make file /usr/share/freeswitch/scripts/callcenter-announce-position.lua (owner www-data:www-data), paste into it script from https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/mod_callcenter (Lua Script to announce members position).
Edit your call center xml file, paste
<action application="set" data="result=${luarun(callcenter-announce-position.lua ${uuid} 19e610b8-4962-4810-a396-79dcd5f857c8 30000)}"/>

before line

<action application="callcenter" data="19e610b8-4962-4810-a396-79dcd5f857c8"/>

Bold number - change to uuid of your call center.
Does this still work on version 4.4.3? I cant find the call center xml file that includes <action application="callcenter" data="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
Could you give us a help how to install it for noobs? :)
Yes, it does. After creation of call center (menu apps, call centers) go to dialplan manager (menu dialplan, dialplan manager) and find your call center's name, click on it and click xml button.
thank you all for the info
i just set this up and its working great!

the announment is not happening at the entry point its happening somewhere in the middle can we have it to run when we enter the call center ???

i know that we send the argument how often to announce but can we set it to announce first at entry point
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