FusionPBX Queues

I am having issue in QUEUE. Let me explain what i have did i have created a FIFO QUEUE named: queue and its using extension 700. DID that goes directly to it: 1318xxxxxxx When call comes into the Queue and the agent answers the call once its done and the call finishes

Following issues i am facing
1) CDR has no direction (need to have call direction)
2) Call doesn't get recorded (I have done some analysis it's storing recording at backend while in cdr insert after call it's not recording_path and recording_name variable are NULL)
3) CDR shows CID NAME: Outbound Call (need to change to some other name or DID no.)

Please help me to sort out this....

My OS is Debian 8.0, Fusionpbx master version 4.3.4 and freeswitch version 1.6.19
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