FusionPbx top performance setting

There are a lot of things that can be done to maximize performance. Many options are too advanced for a forum post.
If you need to fine tune your system, I would suggest a paid support for maximum benefit.


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Well, hardware is cheap enough so no need for too much tweaking, just scale out and scale out well before you start to stress it.

There is no measure and its as simple as that when putting clients on a box its their behaviour, which you do not know in advance that is going to determine your load. One client with 10 extensions can load up your box more than a client with 100 depending on how they are using it. One of the things I do first is get those sqlite dbs into ram and turn off nginx access logs, also turn down the default logging on the freeswitch log file.
Also, with the default settings most boxes collapse at just over a 1000 concurrent due to php limits, memcached previously etc.
Why php limits performance ? Except call broadcast is there any other place php code involves in call setup ? Even if no one configuring via web interface still there is problem from php side ?
Comparing to ordinary bare Freeswitch , is there any places Fusionpbx puts much higher processing load?
How about disabling Memcached and using internal PostgreSQL cache ?
Well, the immediate thing that comes to mind is CDRs, these are http posts to the webserver.
In order to reduce CDR http posts to WEB server in Advanced , Default Setting, Category CDR, Subcategory storage I changed value from db to dir and reboot server. CDR directories populated with XML CDR but still database is populating with same information.
Is there any way to offload database from CDR ?