FusionPBX training

Hi folks, I hope you're all keeping safe and well.

Would anyone be prepared to spend a few hours online with me helping me get to grips with some thihngs I just don't understand with FusionPBX? I have it up and running, I've secured it and set up extensions and trunks and can call in and out. What I could use some help with is;
- Multi-tenanting, doing it properly.
- Having my SIP trunks available globally and how inbound and outbound routes work then.
- Casting their eye over my PBX instance to make sure I've done things right. I come from an Asterisk/FreePBX background and while some things are familiar I'm sure I've overlooked others or have them ass-backwards. I'm smart enough to know when to ask for help!

Would someone be prepared to spend a few hours with me online looking at my install with me and giving me some pointers? What would you charge for this help?

Many thanks,