FusionPBX - VTiger 7 Integration


Apr 5, 2017
Every telecom engineer should build a PBX, CallCenter, and CRM Integration.

So, my time for CRM integration came. The idea is quite simple.

  1. Calls are registering in CRM with call recording
  2. Calls are being notified with popup while using CRM
  3. Calls from CRM directly. Click 2 Call actually
Integration is done for popular opensource CRM VTiger 7 and FusionPBX. Have to say, not plain, reworked, my fork actually.

This project consists of 3 parts.

  1. PBXManager - module for VTiger CRM, built on top of the original PBXManager module made for Asterisk.
  2. VFusion Daemon - Docker Image that is running with FusionPBX (FreeSwitch) and listening to FreeSwitch events and making requests to VTiger CRM. Made on NodeJS
  3. FusionPBX - Actually my fork of it. Version 4.4

I actually tried to avoid daemons or so, resides on FusionPBX server, but really can't avoid it totally. So, architecture is not perfect. Some of the requests are made from FreeSwitch via mod_curl, some - in v_xml_cdr app by Fusion, some - in VFusion daemon. Not clean, but as of now it's working.
So, how it looks like?

1. Call from unknown contact

2. Call from a known contact


3. Call details records


yes, you can listen to the recordings directly from CRM.

Click 2 Call is made quite simple. Just click on a phone number inside CRM and you will have a callback to your extension. After picking up, a call to that number would be established.

As it's intended to be a commercial product, code is open. But documentation is still not. Maybe in the future documentation also would be open.

If you have any interest in deploying this product - pls contact me at support <at> consertis.at. Or here.
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Jun 7, 2018
Thank you for tackling this, we use Vtiger internally so this is of interest to me. A couple of things and this is just my opinion;

I would hesitate to run a docker instance with another install of fusion acting as a daemon. To me this would add too much complexity to the build , whereby I'd essentially need to ensure docker and services within docker were running. I would seem like trying to manage a black box within an already existing system.

I would also hesitate to put a fork into production unless I knew it had a large community behind it. At times I worry the Fusion community as a whole might be too small. To embrace a fork would most likely be a non starter.

If this could be implemented as a proper Fusion PBX module, we'd most likely be your first customer.


Apr 5, 2017
Yea, this is a huge problem to make it as Fusion module, mostly cause plain Fusion code is not supporting any custom CDR callbacks or so.
For running docker alongside, you need to run daemon, which is listening to FreeSwitch events. And it's actually a question of technology to use.
So, long story short, it's impossible to make it as FusionPBX module without changing FusionPBX code.


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Oct 15, 2020
Good work, I have been looking for somethings like to try.
Please can you provider guideline on to integrate and test this.


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Jul 22, 2018
Its not impossible and a custom CDR callback would be after the call is over rather than at the beginning of the call which is likely when you would want it.