Giving up attempting cross datacenter load balancing with floating IP


Staff member
I've been trying to get Kamailio working cross datacenter using failover IPs and unfortunately I'm going to have to throw in the towel, certainly with my current method.

I have been trying to avoid DNS SRV by using the floating IPs and the actual method I have been using has worked very well. In both cases, it is the provider of the floating IPs that has let me down.

I have tried with OVH and DO, in fact the DO is not cross datacenter. In less than a month, both of these providers have had some sort of failure with the failover IP.

In the case of DO, it was supposedly the metadata getting corrupted on the hypervisor which resulted in the IP showing as assigned to both hypervisor. No big deal as it was untrue you might think but very big deal when you are using a script that determines where the ip is in order to start services.

OVH looked very promising and has worked really well until this morning I noticed my phones are not connecting to the Kamailio. Upon checking I found that the floating IP has locked itself to server 2 and stubbornly refuses to move back to server 1 even via OVH's own GUI, it instead throws some cryptic error.

I may give it a shot on AWS or Google but I'm put off by their high bandwidth charged.