GUI Wake-Up Call

Does anyone have the ability to use the API to create a GUI interface to set a wake-up call? I would love to see something that could perhaps mimic the operator panel to create the functionality.

As much as I dislike 3CX, two things that system does very elegantly is wake-up calls and PMS integration. I am open to ideas and I fully expect to compensate the individual for their effort. Is anyone able and interested?
Money.. money for sale. Please take my money. I want to get a 911 alert system in place like the one has for 3CX.

Please help me develop this. Please take my money. Thank you.
Here's a little lua script to send an email when an emergency call is made.

Simply add an action to your emergency outbound route. Make sure the order is a lower number than your bridge statement.

Tag: action
Type: lua
Data: app.lua emergency_notify [to_email_address] [from_email_address]

Put these files in your scripts directory. So the full path would look like this:
Does the Buffalo's gender make a difference? Hilarious. lol. Konrad, I really appreciate your feedback. I've seen other posts with this LUA email script process but this is a way better explanation of how to actually implement it. To get a screen-pop right on the Yealink T46 I think we have to use SMS however.

I've had very little response and I've thrown feelers in a lot of different directions. Either there aren't a lot of folks using FusionPBX in a hospitality or assisted living setting, or they want to keep their tweaks proprietary and top-secret.

What I would really like to do is sponsor a custom module that is tailored for the hospitality industry. There are 3 key modules that aren't under the hood with FusionPBX out of the box. I'd love to sponsor the development of those mods and contribute them back to the community. I've spoken with another member here that has interest and a lot of experience with modding FusionPBX.

Would you be interested in having that conversation privately?