SOLVED Help can't get a Panasonic KX-TGP600 to work with FusionPBX

I see a template for a KX-TGP500 in /resources/templates/provision/panasonic/tgp500. I mistakenly thought this would be easy, I could copy the directory to tgp600 and then modify anything that might be specific to my world ... so in my directory I have two files as shown
root@server01:/var/www/fusionpbx/resources/templates/provision/panasonic/tgp600# ls
'{$mac}.cfg' KX-TGP600.cfg
I am able to login to the webserver on the TGP600 and set the Provisioning Maintenance Standard File URL to:{mac}.cfg
When I restart the TGP600 it pulls the file from my fusionpbx server and it populates lots of fields in the phone. The phone's led goes from flashing amber to solid green.

It shows that my server is registered and then when I try to make a call I get Error:003 which is a sip registration error ...

If anyone in this forum has experience with this phone I would love to hear your insights.

Thanks in advance.
What is finally came down to was I was testing on an ancillary handset (#4) and didn't set that the handset #4 should use line 1. It was trying to use line 4 when in fact I only had one line defined. Makes sense but I actually had to read the manuals. Hope this might help someone else.