Hi all!


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Long time telecom and network person here. I got into commo when I went into the Army in 88 and have been in it ever since. Have been in both the telecom and network worlds the whole time and got involved in VoIP in the late 90s. Not to digress, but I remember having to run back to back gateways on in house T1s and E1s because one client was Cisco, Clarent or VocalTec and the other wasn't. Thank the heavens for the IETF standards that resolved all that.

Like @krzykat I have also been using PIAF and FreePBX for several years and am not sure what to make of all the acquisitions and where it all is going.

I am also a huge fan of @NerdUno and everything he has done and contributed to and for our industry and community over the years.

I had resisted 3cx for a number of years because it was Windows based, then I saw it went to Debian and gave it a go. It has several things that I like, but seems to fall short on the fax server side for what I need.

That all being said, I stumbled upon FusionPBX this week and it was almost love at first byte. It does everything I need it to and in a pretty intuitive manner, for me at least.

I do have some questions, but I will ask them in the appropriate forums and hope this is just the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship.