How big is big enough?

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Jan 7, 2021
Hello world,
I felt this may be the most appropriate place for this question, but please feel free to move it if not.

I stumbled across a "Build your own VoIP business" type video where a developer of dSipRouter was showing how to setup dSipRouter with FusionPBX, which sent me to these forums where I found some respected veterans are in fact placing signaling proxies in front of their fusion installations.

From my understanding this can help with load balancing and taking registration stress off of the media servers, but at the cost of additional critical pieces of infrastructure and complexity.

I understand that everyone's build and use cases are different, but also I don't want to start exploring/learning this stuff when its needed and production is on fire, my current model for growth is horizontal: when a pair (primary, standby) are provisioned to capacity (need to define what that is too) I plan to leverage off the shelf tools like terraform or ansible to spin up a new pair as needed (assuming no tenant is large enough to require a load balanced cluster).

In ya'lls opinion, at what scale does it make sense to start offloading some of Fusion's responsibilities to another system, and is OpenSIPS the defacto choice around these parts?
Not open for further replies.