How to Downgrade Freeswitch

Hi, I've installed Fusionpbx on debian 9. With default script it installed freeswitch with version 1.8.5. As I was reading there is a bug in this version and it did not properly send BYE signal to other SIP unit so call does not hangup on other phone. I'm facing the same issue. How can I downgrade freeswitch to version 1.6?
The first thing to to is properly prove that the switch is misbehaving with a packet trace, you may find you have a NAT issue and not a Freeswitch problem.

It is possible to have several versions of Freeswitch and several versions of Fusion installed at the same time. I have on my test platform so that I can quickly switch between them using symbolic links.


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Freeswitch 1.8.5 absolutely has an acknowledged NAT issue that is very easy to reproduce. It has been fixed in source but not in the Freeswitch packages that are being installed by the current FusionPBX installer.

Unfortunately, Freeswitch removes the old packages from its repo.

The current advice, I believe, is to compile from source.

I myself do not wish to go down this route and that's why I have provided 1.8.4 packages for anyone choosing to want to use them.

Look in the FusionPBX installation category, there is a sticky. I haven't worked out the best way to downgrade yet but it should be relatively straightforward.
Hi @DigitalDaz , Thanks for responding back. I was installing FusionPBX on Debain 9 and it installed with Freeswitch version 1.8.6 (which has above issue). Now I installed it on Debian 8 and it came with Freeswitch version 1.6.2 which is working perfect.

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I really for the life of me cannot understand why this version is still being pushed out to people to use in production.

You can use my packages for 1.8.4 if you want, it will be easy enough to upgrade when freeswitch do release a fixed version.

There is a sticky in the installation category on here.