Incomming call range

Hy, sorry but my english very bad and i new in fusion pbx, but I need help to configuring incomming callsmy fusionpbx

I installed fusionpbx in cloud, crete all my extensions, my work friends connecting ok in fusion, and we make external calls to my old analog pbx with PRI E1.

I need to configuring all DDR numbers from my E1 in my old analog pbx to call my new extensions in fusionpbx, I configured in fusion, ACL Domain, and in Dialplan > Destinations this parameters:
Type = Inbound
Destination = MCDU from my old pbx
Actions = transfer:XXXX XML,
OBS: XXX in Actions is my extension in fusionpbx

This call is ok.
but we have 200 external numbers in sequence, example 1000 at 1199, its is possible to configuring this with importing ? or its is possible to configuring in Destinations and Actions any REGEX or something like that in one Destination?