Installing Dedicated Homer SIP Capture Agent


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A few people have asked for this so here goes, its very quick, I haven't detailed much and though I thought there were QOS stats, there weren't. That may just be because it was to MOH.

Install some prerequisites:

apt update
apt install build-essential automake autoconf libtool-bin flex bison libexpat1-dev libpcap0.8-dev libjson0-dev libuv0.10-dev

cd /usr/src
git clone captagent
cd captagent
make && make install
To run the capture agent as a daemon use:
/usr/local/captagent/sbin/captagent -d
I followed the above , however I am not getting the TLS traffic
I did edit the protocol_tcp file to the .pem directory and the problem didn’t fix it self

Maybe I need to do some kind of reload?