IVR ID to Extension Fusionpbx

Greetings... I created a main IVR with options to go to two other IVR then ring group(s). The destination extension user is asking for some sort of caller ID presented on her desk phone (Yealink T46S) to alert her to which IVR the call is coming from.

Thanks for any and all help!

IVR Option 1-> Ring Group 1-> Extension
IVR Option 2-> Ring Group 2-> Extension

At the Ring Group, put any text in the Caller ID Name Prefix field.

Now, they can be notified what option what chosen at the IVR.
As JamesBorne says, in your case, the place to add the ident tag is in the CID Name Prefix field in the Ring Group.

From looking at your first screenshot, it looks like the CID Name Prefix field is not available to you. This is just a permissions thing. In Advanced->Group manager, find the user you are interested in, probably superadmin, and click the associated permissions link. Now scroll down to Ring groups and make sure that ring_group_cid_name_prefix is checked. Now log out and back in again to refresh the session. You should now be able to add a CID Name Prefix in the Ring Group.