LDAP to CardDav (1 way read) Phone Book Gateway

Hi folks,

I'm using FusionPBX since a couple of months and (nearly) everything works like a charm.
But: I've been a little unhappy with the phone-directory integration (same as with other products like Asterisk, Ansitel, Fritz!Box).

So it's not FusionPBX related! It's my uncommon scenario not having an LDAP company directory. Instead off, me and my company is based on CardDAV Adressbooks (like Nextcloud, Owncloud and the like). So it was required to convert my CardDAV address books to a phone readable format every couple of weeks.
Sometime I was tired about it and after checking Google without useful results, I decided to write some kind of Gateway so that this stupid work ends.
It's now working (but beta) and I'm happy having it since some weeks.

It's "evil" close-source / binary-only :eek:, cause I plan to sell it to a couple of my customers which have a similar environment, but it's freely usable up to approx. 12 requests per hour.

If someone is interested in, please check https://projects.shbe.net/projects/l2cpbg for further infos (as well as the binaries).

Would be cool to get some feedback how useless it is! ;)
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