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I've been having a problem where my MWI for a voicemail will blink until I receive an incoming call, after the incoming call the MWI goes away and never comes back.

Has anybody else had this issue with grandstreams?
What model phone are you working with? Did you try the newest firmware? What registration type were you using, and was the phone behind a NAT?

MWI seems to work okay with the GXP2140/GXP2160/GXP2170, though occassionally the MWI and BLFs will get desynced. Restarting Freeswitch appears to fix it, though it is a bruteforce way of "fixing" things...
Grandstream is one of those company's that get it 95% right and the other 5% drives you nuts, I too won't touch them again.
I agree about the 95% good, 5% broken split, but the broken parts can be managed with a little effort. I'll ask people who have upgraded firmware and ran into issues on Grandstream phones if they wrote down what was troublesome (and what firmware they had before/after), and 95% of the time I hear back that they didn't write down what their issue was.

Often if they do recall what the issue was, it is fixed in the newest firmware, and if not opening a detailed ticket with Grandstream will get it rectified. I do not see how to practically manage software updates without at least jotting down what issues you ran into when upgrading, without that your SOL when it comes time to QA newer firmware/software!


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I disagree I have had numerous problems with different grandstream products and it's not always a firmware issue, after 36 years of installing PBX systems I'v seen it all and I will leave it at that.


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This MWI issue turned out to be across our whole system - we don't use MWI and neither did most of our customers. It looks like we were not running the MWI.lua script as detailed here:

This will notify all phones that have a voicemail every 5 minutes.

I'm also running mwi_subscribe.lua - I'm not 100% sure what the difference between them is but MWI seems to be working great now and persisting after phone reboots.