Migration questions

Willing to pay hourly to talk to someone who's well versed in Fusion PBX.

General Questions:
- Call Center and how it works with agents / busy agents
- Reporting on Call Center
- End-user GUI interactions
- Account codes for international calling
Vicidial is ok, but you have to register the phones directly there so you lose a lot of the call center reporting.

I'm trying to move 100% off FreePBX but the call center issue for some customers will keep us on FreePBX.

I have questions so if someone wants to consult, I'm willing to pay.

As for FreePBX... 2 things stand out:

1. lazy agent - you can put an agent on hold if they don't take calls
2. asternic - doesn't connect to fusion for the queue reporting - supposedly there is something in the works but I have no details other than that.