Mod_python3 freezes after running two scripts at the same time

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José Maia

New Member
Mar 2, 2023
I have a python script developed using mod_python3, and when two calls are made for the same script at the same time they seem to freeze and if we try to use the python script again it doesn't work anymore.

Did anyone already face this issue?

Adrian Fretwell

Well-Known Member
Aug 13, 2017
I wanted to use python in preference to Lua whilst developing DjangoPBX. But I found the interface buggy, I could never track it down but there seemed to be some memory corruption between successive calls to Python within the FreeSWITCH module.

I did submit some pull requests to FreeSWITCH that were accepted and fixed some issues, but I eventually gave up and decided to use mod HTTAPI instead for what I needed.basically http calls to a python back end.

Lua is the recommended lightweight scripting language by the FreeSWITCH team. In my opinion, Lua is great for short scripting requirements, but for complex routines, a stronger typed language, with bounds checking and error handling like Python is much more suited to production environments.
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