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Nov 12, 2021
Hello Everyone,

I wan to add my own custom menu to allow specific tenant to have access to it. The menu will be simple just showing a table's data from a table in the server. please guide me on this. i have my php codes which shows in tables.

I need your help on guidance on this.

Adrian Fretwell

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Aug 13, 2017
This may have changed since Fusion 5, but I have certainly done it this way:
Go into Advanced->Menu manager
Here you will see your default menu. Click the +Add button and fill in Name Language and an optional description, then click Save.
Now in the Menu Manager click on you new menu to edit it - you will see it has no Menu Items.
Now click Restore Default, this will add a default set of menu items to your new menu.
You can now edit this menu to meet your needs.

Now go into Advanced->Default Settings and filter by category "Domain"
Your should see a sub-category called "menu"
Check the box at the side of menu and click the copy button. Choose your domain from the drop down list and click Paste
Now go into settings for that domain and you should see the "menu" that you copied in. Edit this and change it to your new menu.
Log out and back in so the changed get reflected in the session.

As I say, some things may be different in V5, I have not seen it.
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