MySQL to PostgreSQL

Hello everyone, I use FusionPBX for some time, always with MySQL, as I saw that developers prefer PostgreSQL, I'm trying to migrate my database ...
Unfortunately this has already cost me a few nights of sleep ...
I can take the base (By system sign works and much faster), then I have to adjust a lot of columns manually (UUIDs), but then, FusionPBX not to identify the tables in the update Schema ...

Has anyone had any better experience than me in this? Could you give me any tips?

So far I have:

1 - I used pgloader to migrate the base.
2 - I moved the tables to the Public Schema
3 - I backed up the data to CSV
4 - I Drops the Tables
5 - I used the FusionPBX setup to re-create the tables
6 - I retrieved the CSV data for the tables, (In this I had to fix a bunch of data that was blank for "NULL")

It seemed all right, but in the end it gave trouble