N11 dialing

Hi all. I would like to support the N11 dialing codes in my area. I have 911 and 933 working as my SIP provider recognizes those numbers directly and passed them on.

For others, like 311, 511. 811 etc I need to have outbound number changed to the 11 digit NANP number for the service.

Example, caller dials 511 -> Freeswitch creates outbound call to 18553919743

Dialplan rules are my #1 struggle right now, so any help is much appreciated.


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Just create the dialplan as normal and after saving it edit the bridge so instead of it having $1 at the end of the bridge just make it the number you want to dial, really simple :) outboundroute.jpg


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Just for your info for the future....

In for example ^(511)$ or any other number for that matter, what is in the brackets becomes the $1 variable.

So for example, here in the UK we dial a number say 01617102180 but we must send to the carrier as 441617102180

In our dialplan we can do:


And on the bridge: