No recorded call after extension-to-extension transfer


New Member
Jun 1, 2021
I'm hoping someone may have experienced this already and knows how to remedy it... here's my example:
  1. Extension 123 places an outbound call to 4165551212
  2. 4165551212 answers the call and speaks with Ext 123
  3. Ext 123 then initiates a 3-way call by adding in Ext 456
  4. Ext 123 is now connected with 4165551212 and Ext 456
  5. Ext 123 hangs up and leaves 4165551212 to speak with Ext 456
The call is recorded right up until Ext 123 hangs up (step 5), even though 4165551212 and Ext 456 were still connected, and Ext 456 is set to record all calls.

How do I ensure the call between 4165551212 and Ext 456 is recorded after Ext 123 has hung up?

I've made sure that "recording_follow_transfer=true" is set in user_record... and when doing a blind transfer the recording does continue... it's just when doing an attended transfer (3-way) that the recording stops.