Paid Help Request ($30) - Duplicate Menu


Is there anyone who can help me with duplicating a menu with all items in it? No server access, I just need the instructions. You can put the instructions here, so everyone can benefit.

Creating a menu and resetting to defaults doesn't work unfortunately. I guess it requires some modification on the database side. I am not looking for a perfect solution that gives me a magic button. Just an appropriate solution, which I think can be done through database (adminer).

With my thanks and sorry for the low price. My intention is not hiring, I just want to ask for a community (free) help but at the same time encourage the help and help everyone else who looking for this solution.
You are wanting to duplicate a menu without manually creating each new menu item? I just want to make sure I understand the request. I’m happy to try and help for free.

Thank you for your reply!

Yes, it would be great if you could post instructions on how to duplicate a menu, so all of us can benefit. Even if you wish to help for free, I would still send you $30. I think it is just encourages us to be more involved into building Fusion PBX community. Just like taking a friend for lunch.

It is not so straight forward because of the UUID connection to the menu, domains and user groups. Each menu has its own UUID.

Thanks again!