Phones - Smart / Android actually worth it?

So I use T42S phones generally. Got to know them. Enough buttons. Want less go down the range, want more go up the range.

But Android phones. Do people really use them? What do they use them for? Video Conferencing and what else? Angry birds between support calls?

I remember being at a Mitel training session 10 years ago and the trainers were all excited because Pizza hut had an app on the Mitel phones so that the employees could order their pizza from their phone for lunch. Great!

I once thought it would be good to have a smart ip phone by my bed so I could have a radio app on the phone to listen to music as I went to sleep. Now I say "Alexa...….."

So do you guys use smart ip phones?
I have a 7" screen version on my desk because....I can. I have another at home with security camera and door bell views just for fun.

We have sold thousands of phones but I've never offered an Android based phone to our customers. We have sold a few based on specific requests but generally they aren't worth the headaches. Generally speaking, a standard smart phone(cell phone) or tablet will have better specifications and better operating system support than any of the "smart desk phones" out there.

They are handy for video calling, music apps, calendars, etc, etc but an Amazon Fire tablet can do pretty much everything the Android phones can but are 1/4-1/3rd the price.