Provisioning a Cisco SPA525G


I want to provision 10x Cisco SPA525G per TFTP. So i set up Debian 8.10, installed FusionPBX which works fine and tftpd-hpa to provide the xml files for the phones via tftp.
The install is completely "naked", i just added devices and extensions. However i have enabled provisioning in the default settings and also set the location for the tftp folder. But the folder is never filled with the xml file. I also get a 404 error when i want to download the xml file via the webinterface.

i looked up in the syslog and there is this entry:
FusionPBX[509]: [] provision attempt but provisioning is not enabled for a44c11a0a8c2
does somebody have a hint?

thank you
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That's true. I am kinda new to this stuff and only had a documentation where only the methode with the tftp-service was shown.
But still: I can't download the xml file due to a 404-error, neither are the phones able to do it. How can i fix this?

Before putting a URL into the phones, i need actually working url.

When i go to the device-page and press the "Files"-Button, i get this url:{$mac}.xml&content_type=application/octet-stream
... but all i get is a 404 Not Found.

domain-filter is off.


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i didn't changed anything and all of a sudden i am able to download the file, so this works.
however, when i put$MA.xml in the 66 option of the dns server the phone wants to download a SPAA44C11A0A8C2.cnf.xml which isn't there I think.

Is there a possibility to create something like symlinks? so that i am able to provision the phones?
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hello everyone!

after setting up a vanilla fusionpbx and redo everything i managed the phone(s) to provision, which is nice!

sadly though the templates for the spa525g(2) are not realy useable. i doubt they were ever tested with real hardware.
e.g. the line keys are not proper configureable. the sidecar (spa500ds) does not work at all with the provisioning template.

(i investigated a little bit in this and found out that instead of the propper value for cisco xml-tags >> "fnc=sd;ext=99@IP-ADDRESS;nme="Label" << the xml tags for the sidecar are just filled with a number, which can not be handled by the sidecar)

i also noticed that the template for spa525g and spa525g2 differ heavily but the only difference between those two phones is bluetooth.

are there some improvements planned to this in the future? i would love to see the spa phones work with fusionpbx.

Hi @Blaubeere,

I have a small addition. With the SPA500DS you can put $PROXY instead of the actual domain/ip address. Helps prevent mistakes in case you're ever copy/pasting. For example, instead of placing the actually domain/ip:

Change it to literally display "$PROXY":
Has worked for my multi-tenant setup.