Push notifications (Iphone + Android)

Hi Guys
I have been using fusionpbx for a bit time now to implement multi tenant solution. everything works great out of box and now its time to enable extra bits like push notifications.
looks like for android devices push notification works out of box ? i am testing using Grandstream Wave APP.

same doesn't work on iphone.
in forums somewhere i found script to use in dialplans to send push notifictions. seems like i need firebase account etc for that.

or do we have any new updates on this topic?

any help much appriciated
I am trying to setup ITSP at small scale, fusionpbx as multitenant and needed mobile apps.
android is not an issue I believe Zoiper and GSWave etc works out of box for push?

ios is trouble and seems like will need paid push service from zoiper or bria.

anyway thanks for your input. i will carry on with my development/configs.
Hi Harjeet,

I have been playing around with google firebase push notifications ( Android & IOS ) and have a mock up working using this Delphi article here :

So my question is :

Is there a hook in FusionPBX to send out a trigger to Firebase when a call is made or incoming ( with the caller ID).

The reason is we are struggling to ensure every client is notified off calls as the apps are going to sleep, background and if the client shuts the phone down the apps are not restarted. So we need a push notification to get them to open the app if the sip notification fails.

I could probably create a rule to send every call out to a 'server' sip app that then creates the trigger. That's another level of complexity and potential fall down.

Can I call a PHP script from within FusionPBX ? or some other magic.


I'm looking through the database and see the v_xml_cdr table stores the call logs.
I can create a trigger on the insert record but unfortunately this is not inserted until the call is ended.

Is there any temp tables created anywhere when a call is made or received ? So I can create a trigger there.

What other options are available ?