Question from a customer


Jun 18, 2018
Hi we have a customer that is asking for the following and was wondering if it is something that we can do on fusionpbx.
  1. SMS Messaging Integration: Does our current IVR setup have modules enabled that can send an SMS message to the caller with instructions, including a predefined URL link, when they choose option #1 to submit a ticket? If so, could you please provide details on how this can be configured?
  2. IVR Flow Configuration: What configuration options are available to set up the IVR flow in a way that allows for easy deflection into SMS messaging? We are looking for ways to streamline this process and ensure a smooth user experience for our callers.
  3. API Integration: Is it possible for the IVR system to call a REST API as part of the flow? If so, please provide information on the setup and configuration required to enable this feature.