Ring strategy in Ring Groups - Enterpise or Simultaneous

I see in the Fusionpbx docs that the ring group strategy shows that selecting simultaneous will result in all extension in that group using the same thread and selecting enterprise will result in each one using its own thread

Can someone tell me what advantage there would be to simultaneous when it shares a thread? Why not just use enterprise for everything and let each ext have its own thread to prevent problems with SLA or other unforseen issues.

I guess what I am asking is why would one use simultaneous over enterprise?


I've talked to Mark about this in the past. The reasoning both options are there is because using Simultaneous will ignore any follow me settings for an extension in the ring group, whereas Enterprise will work with follow me settings for the ring group members.

Enterprise does increase the load as James mentioned. I generally will use Simultaneous for ring groups unless a customer needs follow me to work within the ring group OR the customer is using multiple registrations.
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